Transitional Kindergarten

TK teachers at Oakhill Academy, will be observing students carefully, documenting and collecting evidence of student learning over time (photos, work samples, videos, observation notes, etc.) as well as allow students to engage a lot of “purposeful play.”


Play is a CRITICAL, brain-based learning system that supports later academic success. Play is…”Purposeful Learning All Yearlong.”

Here at Oakhill Academy, our Transitional Kindergarten offers our youngest students a nurturing, caring, and joyful environment. We value the uniqueness and significance of this stage of development – it is a magical time in our children’s lives. From this happy place, our children embark on their journey of growth, development, and exploration.

Our Faculty and Staff are qualified, dedicated professionals who inspire our children to wonder, explore, and imagine. Talented and creative staff, highly inviting indoor and outdoor facilities, and links to the greater Oakhill Academy community enable us to offer rich, inspiring experiences. This sets the stage for child-directed learning that empowers each child to develop and grow in a personalized way.

Guided by holistic early childhood philosophies and frameworks, our skilled teachers weave conversation, activities, and projects into daily exploration. This facilitates our students’ emotional, social, and cognitive growth and learning, and builds foundations that will last a lifetime. Our young students develop learning habits: inquiry, investigation, independence, socialization, risk-taking, and communication. They develop confidence, empathy, and cultural awareness. They experience early literacy and numeracy concepts in a fun and developmentally sensitive way.

In partnership with our parent community, the Transitional Kindergarten approach honors each child’s individual path as we work together to develop their foundational knowledge, skills and attitudes. These, and the emotional attachments they form with teachers and friends, become the blueprint for their learning journey into elementary school and beyond.


Children in Transitional Kindergarten are encouraged to rest after lunch. The classroom has a designated area for resting, complete with sleeping mats, dimmed lights and quiet music. If children prefer, they may participate in quiet activities.


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