Team – Kabachenko, Zilia

Language: French

Madame Kabachenko has been teaching French for over 10 years in universities, public schools and immersion linguistic schools. She has spent several years living and traveling abroad, so she understands how the learning of a language can be thrilling and challenging at the same time. In her work with students she likes to apply the Communicative Teaching Method and integrate French culture utilizing authentic resources. She believes that naturally occurring communication in native-speaker contexts of use has a positive effect on learner motivation and provides exposure to real language.

Madame Kabachenko is a long-life learner, and along with her work she studies French Literature and Poetry of 19th century. She also seizes any opportunity for professional development, teaching courses, and seminars.

Madame Kabachenko has two children, and both of them joined Oakhill Academy. Her daughter will be in the 4th grade and her son in the 1st. In their free time, they like travelling, hiking and cooking together.


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