The Oakhill Difference

At Oakhill Academy, we believe that the richness of the learning environment matters for all children. Therefore, we offer our students depth, choices, complexities and challenges, aiming to intensify their learning experience. It matters that kindergarten children are exposed to interesting literature as they gain reading skills and that our students choose topics to write about across different genres. It matters that our students can choose to study French, Chinese or Spanish and that they can explore both choir and orchestra to find their musical talents. It matters that homework is never a packet of mindless worksheets but rather carefully designed activities that allow them to solidify learning, practice necessary skills and dive into real creativity.

What Sets Us Apart

We are not afraid of challenge. Most children thrive when presented with developmentally appropriate, but serious and rigorous work. They invest themselves in their studies. They sense that their ideas truly matter and they enjoy more deeply the rewards that come with success.

A school needs to be a place of opportunity, depth, and diverse role models. It should be a place where children can safely engage with the world and ideas, meet high standards, and learn to take risks. A school should help children become confident and skillful thinkers and explorers. We want them to succeed in any subject they approach. We want them to be bold in the questions they ask and ambitious with the knowledge they seek, not only as students here, but also throughout life.

It is an education with individual attention in an academically rich environment. An education that builds on the children’s natural curiosity, while asking for rigor and persistence. We do not hesitate to provide demanding challenges, but we also work to ensure that each child gains the skills and confidence he or she needs to succeed.

We thrive on providing global perspectives to our students and we promote a sense of respect and responsibility toward the world and all of its citizens.  Our programs emphasize the following perspectives: interdependence and globalization, identity and cultural diversity, social justice and human rights, peace building and conflict resolution, and sustainable futures. Through our language and culture classes, students broaden their minds and learn to think differently about people who are different from themselves.

Furthermore, we challenge our students to see the world in a new light, to approach real world problems as innovators, to effectively communicate and/or demonstrate their vision for a solution, and to learn about entrepreneurship.

At Oakhill Academy, we help each child strengthen his or her unique talents. We go beyond the basics and help children reach a little deeper, try a little harder, and understand a little more. Our aim is to help young people grow into leaders, independent thinkers, and true originals — confidently, intelligently, and individually.

We hope that you enjoy learning more about Oakhill Academy and how our school makes a difference in the lives of its students.


Contact us to set up a tour of our school. We look forward to meeting you.