Middle School

Introduction to Middle School Program (Grades 6 – 8)

Oakhill Academy has a unique approach to middle school. The key difference is connectivity, with all the normally disparate components of middle school working together in harmony.

The teachers meet daily to develop subject links and supporting lessons. These are based on the application of Best Practice and Research which suggests that, for this particular age group, certain academic areas are best served by ability grouping, particularly in mathematics, science, and second language acquisition.

The students in middle school rotate through classes of math, English, humanities, and science. These classes are small, thus instruction and student interaction is optimized. Students are grouped by beginning or intermediate second language skills for French, Spanish and Mandarin while PE, music, art, drama and advisory are a mix of middle school students. Our goal is to weave character development and leadership into our relevant, rigorous, academic program. Integral field studies enrich and expand the class-based activities; which along with our sports teams and annual drama production ensure that the students have a rich, comprehensive, and cohesive middle school experience.

Through the use of the Responsive Classroom approach, teachers endeavor to foster the social skills of cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, and self-control in all students.

Program Overview

Learn about our literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies programs on our Program Overview page.

Special Area Classes

Learn about our world language, fine arts, and performing arts programs on our Special Area Classes page.

Our Faculty

Our faculty is comprised of passionate, highly qualified educators who are committed and invested in the success of your child. Our team of educators are singularly focused on providing a safe, nurturing environment where each student can do his/her best learning. 

In a climate of respectful collaboration, teachers are encouraged by the Head-of-School to become ever more skillful and reflective practitioners of their art. The aim of this process is to sustain a culture of teaching excellence, thus ensuring that students benefit from the best instruction possible to stimulate and advance their learning and growth.

Meet our faculty on our Faculty page.

Grade specific Curriculum


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