Curriculum – Grade 1

Literacy and Language Arts

Reading Units of Study

Module 1: Readers Build Good Habits
Module 2: Tackling Trouble
Module 3: Readers Meet the Characters in Our Books
Module 4: Nonfiction Readers Learn about the World

Writing Units of Study

Module 1: Launching Writing Workshop & Small Moments (Narratives)
Module 2: Nonfiction Chapter Books (Information)
Module 3: Writing Reviews (Opinion)
Module 4: From Scenes to Series (Narrative)

Word Study and Spelling Units of Study

Module 1: Letter formations (a-z), Alphabetical order, Letter names
Module 2: Blending 3 sound words, Spelling 3 short vowel words, Capitalization, period, word spacing, Trick words…the, of, and
Module 3: Concept of consonant digraphs (sh, ch, th, wh, ck), Trick words…to, a, was, is, he, for, as , his, has
Module 4: Letter spelling rules (ff, ll, ss and sometimes z), Glued sounds …all, Trick words…I, you, we, they one, said
Module 5: Glued sounds …am, an. Trick words…from, or, have
Module 6: Suffix, Plural nouns, Trick words…were, her, put, there, what, she, been, by, who
Module 7: Glued sounds (ang, ing, ong, ung, ank, ink, onk, unk),Blending words (ng and nk), Trick words…out, so, are, two, about, into, only, other, new
Module 8: Blending words with 4 sounds, Trick words…some, could, want, say, do, first, any, my, now
Module 9: Teach closed syllable, Trick words…our, over, come, would, after, also
Module 10: Blending words with 5 sounds, Trick words…many, before, called, how, your, down, should, because, each
Module 11: Compound words, Trick words…people, Mr., Mrs., years, says, little, good, very, own
Module 12: Adding s and es suffix, Trick words…see, work, between, both being, under
Module 13: Adding ed, ing suffixes, Trick words…never, another, day, words, look, through
Module 14: Long vowel sounds, Trick words…friend, around, circle, does, nothing, write, none, color, month

Mathematics and Numeracy

Mathematics Units of Study

Module 1: Sums and Differences to 10
Module 2: Introduction to Place Value through addition and subtraction within 20
Module 3: Ordering and Comparing length measurements as numbers
Module 4: Place value, comparison, addition and subtraction to 40
Module 5: Identifying, composing, and partitioning shapes
Module 6: Place value, comparison, addition and subtraction to 100



Life, Physical, and Earth sciences

Science Units of Study

Life Science: Plants and animals
Physical Science: Solids and liquids
Earth Science: Weather

Social Studies


A Child’s Place in Time and Space

Social Studies Units of Study

Module 1: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship
Module 2: Geography of the Community
Module 3: Symbols, Icons, and Traditions of the United States
Module 4: Life Today and Long Ago
Module 5: Cultural Literacy: One Nation, Many People
Module 6: Economics: Goods and Services


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