PTSA Membership, Cash, and Events

The objective of Oakhill Academy’s Parent Student Teacher Association is to strengthen our school community through extracurricular events and raise funds for special projects and equipment for the school.
The PTSA will hold monthly meetings and meet as necessary to organize and facilitate planned events. The PTSA relies heavily on the active participation of Oakhill parents. For the benefit of all our children, we encourage each and every family to join.
  • BRONZE MEMBERSHIP: $25 (Includes 1 free shirt and $20 PTSA Cash)
  • SILVER MEMBERSHIP: $75 (Includes Bronze, plus 1 free cap and $50 PTSA Cash)
  • GOLD MEMBERSHIP: $200 (Includes Silver, plus 1 all-access pass to all PTSA events, not including Evening of the Arts, and $100 PTSA Cash)
To join, please fill out the PTSA Membership Form Additionally, please complete the questionnaire to reveal your talents and experience, and indicate the amount of time you have to volunteer along with the scheduled events for which you are interested in assisting. Families may purchase up to 2 PTSA memberships, with one vote per membership.
The following spirit gear and special items are only available to active members of the PTSA. Once a family has an active PTSA membership, they may purchase an unlimited amount of the following items. Families without an active PTSA membership will have access to alternate Oakhill Academy supplied spirit gear. Many more items will be made available throughout the school year.
 Owl Eyes on Me Shirt
      Big Owl, Little Owl Shirt
 Oakhill Hat
 Oakhill Owl
$20 USD or
$400 PTSA Cash
$20 USD or
$400 PTSA Cash
CAP (Fitted or Adjust.)
$25 USD or
$500 PTSA Cash
$800 PTSA Cash ONLY

PTSA Cash is awarded to both students and parents for volunteering their time, making donations, and being active members of the Oakhill community. PTSA Cash can be saved and spent on PTSA exclusive spirit gear and rewards, as well as entry and participation at PTSA events.
Ways to Earn:
  • JOIN THE PTSA: Earn PTSA Cash for purchasing a membership
  • VOLUNTEER: Earn $20 PTSA Cash for every hour you volunteer at a PTSA event
  • LEAD AN EVENT: Earn an extra $100 PTSA Cash for leading a PTSA event
  • MAKE A DONATION: Earn $5 PTSA Cash for every $10 in donations (Donations may be cash or item with receipt; $10 min.; total value will be rounded down to the nearest $10)
  • BE A ROOM PARENT: Earn $250 PTSA Cash as an active room parent
  • EARN AWARDS: Earn PTSA Cash for Student OWL Awards, Active PTSA Member Awards, and Outstanding Parent Contribution Awards
Ways to Spend:
  • PTSA SPIRIT GEAR: PTSA Members may purchase exclusive spirit shirts and caps
  • PTSA OWL: Earn our coveted 10” plush Oakhill OWL, only available through PTSA Cash
  • PTSA SPECIAL ITEMS: Additional items will be made available throughout the school year
  • PTSA EVENTS: Gain entry into select PTSA events
The following are PTSA-sponsored events scheduled for this school year.
  • First Day with the PTSA, Donuts & Coffee (Aug. 16)
  • Solar Eclipse (Aug. 21)
  • Halloween/Fall Festival (Oct. 28)
  • Thanksgiving Feast (Nov. 17)
  • Holiday Boutique (Dec. 13-15)
  • Father/Daughter Dance (Feb. 9)
  • International Festival (Feb. 24)
  • Innovation Showcase (Mar. 16)
  • Evening of the Arts (May 4)
  • Teacher & Faculty Appreciation Week (May 14-18)
  • Mother/Son Competition (Jun. 2)
  • Year End Field Day (Jun. 8)
If you have additional comments or questions, please feel free to email ptsa@oakhillca.org, or contact one of our board members directly – Elsie Biagtan (President), Christopher Herlong (VP), Melinda Mize (Secretary), or Chelsie Horton (Treasurer).

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