Teaching languages at an early age helps children improve their higher thinking skills, and learning about other cultures helps children learn responsible citizenship. They develop insight into the nature of language and culture so that they can participate in multilingual communities at home and around the world.
Oakhill Academy provides rigorous courses in French, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish. All courses ensure development in the core modalities of language learning:  aural, oral, reading,  and writing.
Students are exposed to a variety of instructional strategies and authentic context in which to practice these core skills for learning a new language.
From Transitional Kindergarten to 8th Grade, our spiraled curriculum ensures progression and development of the essential skills needed to become proficient in another language
Foreign Language standardized testing:
  • ATCFL Proficiency Testing K-12
  • LE GRAND CONCOURS- Middle School French Proficiency
  • THE CHINESE PROFICIENCY TEST- Proficiency Testing K-12